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Thermosyphon & Pumped



There are two methods of installing Solar Geysers. You can install them on top of the roof or if you don't want that install them anywhere else.

If you install it on top of the roof with solar panels it is called a Thermosyphon System. Because hot water is lighter than cold water the heat will be transferred from the panels to the geyser and it will heat up.


Sometimes the client does not want to install the geyser on top of the roof, or the roof structure is not strong enough to support the weight.

Then a circulation pump and a Controller is installed to circulate the geyser water to the collector and return it when it is heated up. The pump will not run permanently. For example, the geyser current temperature is 40 degrees. The pump will pump the water to the collector on top of the geyser and then switches off. As soon as the collector heated the water to 48 degrees the pump will switch on and circulate the hot water to the geyser and bringing colder water back again

This happens continuously until the desired temperature is reached in the geyser and then it will switch off completely.