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Understanding Solar Water Heating

Understanding Solar water Heating is important if you require a quote. Yes, I wrote it correct and you will think it is our responsibility to advise you on correct system.

This is where the problem occurs. During the past few years and especially with Eskom Rebates people imported Substandard Solar Geysers, sold them very cheap to clients and the guy giving a reasonable quote on the correct system was seen as expensive.

In determining Solar Water Heating for your household or Business you have to know what type of Solar Water Heater and Amount of litres you need per day. It is normal to calculate your hot water needs @ 50L Per Person per day


Low-pressure solar water heater (gravity fed)


Most of Solar Water Heaters sold is Low-Pressure Solar Geysers. You will see them on most RDP Housing and Low-Cost Housing

Low-Pressure Solar Geysers have its advantages and Disadvantages.

It Is quite cheap compared to High-Pressure Solar Geysers. If your application is just to have hot water but does not need high-pressure ect this will be fine for you. Solarcon can provide you with Low-Pressure Geysers up to 350L. We can also install the electrical element in geyser for cloudy and rainy days.


High-Pressure Solar Geyser (Push Through)


High Pressure (Push Through) geysers are modern geysers that can give hot water pressure up to 600KPA. The principle is the KPA of hot water entering is the KPA of hot water you will receive on taps.

For example, if your living on a farm and your Water Supply Tank can only provide 200KPA your hot water supply will also be 200KPA.

They are also equipped with a backup element for cloudy and rainy days and can also be fitted with a controller to control element usage if needed



Solar Collector


There are two Solar Collectors in the market. Vacuum Tube Technology and Flat Plate Technology

Flat Plates is older technology. Although still very efficient in Oudtshoorn and surrounding areas the correct planning must be done for the utilization of them. It is basically Copper tubes inside a class and aluminium frame with risers where the water are inside the pipes. This system is then not freeze protected but more on that later


The other type is vacuum tube technology. It is more effective than flat plate technology. Consisting of Class Tubes with a copper rod inserting into the manifold (Top of Collector)

The vacuum tubes efficiency is very important in the design of the system. If you take a 150L Solar Geyser in the Karoo and a 150L Solar Geyser in George the design cannot be the same. The same collector used in the Karoo cannot be the same size as for George. Although suppliers did sell solar as a complete system there were problems with Over and Under Performance. Solarcon Solar Design is done according to the region where the system is installed.