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Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are ideal for water heating application such as domestic hot water or Jacuzzis & Swimming pools due to their high efficiencies. Due to their operation principle, you gain up to 4 x as much heating as the actual electrical energy used.

This is referred to as the COP and is due to the fact that the warm ambient air is used to heat a fluid which is then compressed causing it to get even hotter. This is then run through a heat exchanger where this energy is drawn off to heat the water, and then the fluid is allowed to expand again and run through this continuous cycle.

So essentially electricity is only used to run the fan and compressor, and the rest of the heating energy is provided for by the sun. And in South Africa, our ambient air temperatures are high which ensures you are paying the minimum to heat your water.


These heat pumps are designed to be able to heat your geyser's water up to 60°C and include an easy to use a digital controller for setting the desired temperatures and time windows etc. They are very easy to install with your existing geyser and require minimal plumbing modifications.

The heat pump also comes with a stylish plastic casing which will not rust.

Key features of the domestic ITS heat pump

Quiet operation, with no solar collectors on the roof

Uses up to 70% less household energy in heating your water -

Can be used in conjunction with solar heaters

Fully automated control with adjustable water temperature setting

Environmentally friendly - extreme energy efficiency, with no greenhouse gas emissions

Fully automated anti-freeze function